Company Formation in Hong Kong – Registering Business Names and Shares

Company formation is mandatory for all businesses in Hong Kong. The three main ways to company formation in Hong Kong are individual, corporations, and business type. The different company formation procedures have distinct advantages and disadvantages for both the start-up company and the company wishing to register its company. This article will discuss the Hong Kong company’s benefits for the company wishing to operate in the Chinese region.

Company formation Hong Kong is fast and straightforward. You don’t need to be worried about submitting the appropriate documents or paying the required fees. There are two options for company formation in Hong Kong: by individual and by business type. By individual company formation, you can own the whole company, including the office, the staff, and the business’s products. You can appoint a managing director, secretary, and any other members you choose. Business company formation in Hong Kong uses the same basic structure.

The main advantage of Hong Kong company formation Hong Kong is that it is very convenient. You can open the company’s account at a local office site or any ATM. You can also use your company’s services in the comforts of your home. Another advantage of the Hong Kong company incorporation is that it is very inexpensive. Compared to the combined registration and printing of the articles of incorporation at the office, the company formation Hong Kong service charges are cheaper.

If you have decided to establish a business in Hong Kong, the company formation Hong Kong services can help you need. The company administration service will assist you in deciding on the best name for your company. You can choose from the terms of your favourite brands. You can also choose from the names of the most popular products on the market.

Once you are done selecting the names, you must go through the different formalities and comply with Hong Kong laws. You must register the name of your company with the Commercial Registry. You will be provided with an application form. You will have to pay the registration fee to start a business.

If you decide to do the company registration at the office, you will be required to pay the prescribed administrative fees. There are three types of administrative costs. First, you will have to pay the standard administrative fee. Second, there are hourly rates that you must pay to the employees who perform company functions. Lastly, there are project-based rates which are less expensive. You should also be aware that the standard rate for company formation in Hong Kong company does not apply to the company registration.

After paying the company secretary the prescribed administrative fees, you should register the company. The next step is to approach the shareholder or the company secretary. According to the rules, you cannot transfer the company’s shares to another person until the company secretary gives you approval. The company secretary also needs to make sure that the company’s shares are registered in your name.

After all the formalities are over, you should give the company secretary a copy of the documentation. The company secretary also needs to know about the number of shareholders and the paid-up capital. When you are done, the company secretary will help you transfer the paid-up capital to the shareholder.

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